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Yehudi Violin Strings
Set of Violin Strings 4/4 Full Size E,A,D,G are all Ball Ends.
The strings are state of the art and color coded with string changing tips on the back and
comes in a water proof envelope.
For questions or to order (text or call David Jay Meister at 414.352.1122
or email David at

1st String E: Stainless Steel
2nd String A: Steel Core, Nickel Silver Wound (German Silver)
3rd String D: Steel Core, Nickel Silver Wound (German Silver)
4th String G: Steel Core, Nickel Silver Wound (German Silver)
Review of Yehudi Violin Strings
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PAGE 62 first full paragraph ur62
It felt like a miracle. "The odds of Oklahoma City getting an NBA team in the beginning were incredible,"
said David Holt, recalling the story of how Oklahoma City's then mayor first tried to sell the NBA
commissioner on the idea of a franchise in the middle of Oklahoma. It was 2005, and the mayor could
point to the growing population, the booming economy (OKC -based companies
owned the natural gas industry!),
the glass and steel and brick and mortar revitalization of downtown, and most of all the brand-new nineteen-thousand-
seat area just waiting for the upcoming of a professional sports team. Any sports team. The NBA commissioner, David Stern, was
 open to mayor's sales pitch, and polite. He did not rub the mayor's face in the less inviting facts on the ground.

Oklahoma City was the nation's forty-fifth-biggest television market, for instance, on a par with Greenville, South Carolina,
and Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Harrisburg Pennsylvania. The city's recent history was not so very uplifting.
"We had allowed ourselves to be branded by our tragedies," the mayor admitted.  "If you said 'Oklahoma City,'
 chances are the next word out of your mouth was 'bombing.'" And the longer history offered little
to brag about.
The entire state of Oklahoma, let Oklahoma City, had never fielded a team in one of the four major U.S.

ports leagues-the NFL, the NBA, Major League Baseball, or the NHL. Stern suggested OKC might want to start
with training wheels, so to speak, in the smallest and least competitive league. He told the mayor as he ushered him out
of his New York office, "I see an NHL team in your future."


first full paragraph ur62
Snowden's career seemed to be thriving, but he was already looking for a change. Interesting problems,
the kind that combined technical and operational challenges, attracted him more than access to the
executive suites at Dell and its client agencies. In May 2011, he approached Massarini with a proposal.
Snowden asked for help to land a job of his own design with the contractor Booz Allen, which supplied
personnel to the counterintelligence school where Massarini worked. Snowden would assemble a set of best
practices for digital counterintelligence from around the agencies, "harden" a test system, then invite "a
multi-disciplinary pool of attendees" to try to break in. "Each time they succeed, you identify an important,
critical vulnerability that needs to be addressed," he wrote to Massarini. "Each time they fail, you've got a
quantifiable, increasing body of data to illustrate where we're successfully countering CI threats from 'skill
level 3' type actors." Snowden would not only teach advanced cyber defense but help improve the state of the art.

The job called for someone who could "1) credibly converse with {intelligence agency} executive leadership &
most elite technical folks, 2) generate the trust necessary to get an inter-agency representative read into special-
methods programs, 3) hot-seat within their offices to understand their methods, 4) still be paranoid enough to then
translate all of that into curriculum without degrading security posture." Standing up such a program from scratch,
he wrote, would also require "the people skills to manage the political relationships necessary to open inter-agency doors." 2020
How the Battle Between Trump and Xi Threatens a New Cold War
Page 62 first full paragraph ur62
Back home, President Clinton convened
a series of White House meetings where he asked national security and economic
officials for ideas on how to deal with China. Pressure on human rights clearly wasn't working. Cutting off U.S. companies from
the fastest growing economy in the world was also a nonstarter. Aside from economics, the United States needed China's help
on nuclear proliferation, the global environment, and other important issues. Turning China into an enemy made no sense. The former
Soviet Union and its onetime Warsaw Pact allies seemed to be liberalizing China could be the next Communist country to change.
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Vivian S. Lee, MD The Long Fix
Solving America's Health Care Crisis with Strategies That Work for Everyone
Page 62 first full paragraph ur62
The Number of deaths due to medical mistakes in the United States equates to somewhere between
two and six 737s crashing every day, depending on which estimate you believe. Despite this, it's almost
unheard of to "ground" a hospital. In 2014, the Wall Street Journal found 350 hospitals had violation issued
by the Centers for Medicaid Services that ranged from failing to provide lists of home health agencies to surgical "never"
events to fraud. Twenty hospitals had violations considered likely to cause "serious injury or death." Sixty percent of those
hospitals also had violations in the previous three years. Despite these violations, almost all remained accredited.
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the republican
birth of a bear (1) i.e. loss of confidence in our institutions 2/14/20 close 29,398.08
Devlin Barrett reporting from the Washington Post 2/16/2020
"More than 1,100 former Justice Department employees signed a public letter Sunday urging Attorney General
William P. Barr to resign over his handling of the case of President Trump's longtime friend Roger Stone.
The letter is the latest sign of a crisis of confidence inside the department. Last week four prosecutors quit
the Stone case.
The letter calls for similar vigilance into other government agencies, adding."The survival of our
Republic demand nothing less."

3/23/2020 DJIA close 18,591.93
birth of a bear market .xyz

birth of a bear market .xyz 1/31/2020

2019-2020 NFL Scores

2/2/20 Super Bowl Kansas City 31 San Francisco 20

(3) DJ Broadcasting
  sausage Race Results - from American Family Scoreboard
4/1/21 1.Chorizo 2.Hot Dog 3.Italian 4.Bratwurst 5. Polish
4/3/21 1.Polish 2.Bratwurst 3.Italian 4.Hot Dog 5.Chorizo
4/4/21 1.Hot Dog 2.Polish 3.Italian 4.Chorizo 5.Bratwurst
Results Reported by Chuck and Carl Alberts

Sausage Race Results from Miller Park 2019


--------------------------------------------------- DJIA 3/31/2020 close end of 1st Quarter  21,917.16 S&P 500 2,584.59
4/6/21 DJIA close 33,617.95